It's time for Christmas Mini Sessions again!!!

It’s FINALLY my favorite time of year! Cool weather, lots of baking, and kiddos in Christmas jammies :) So put the family (or just the kids) in some jammies and join us for our super fun Christmas Mini Sessions :)

$75 will get you 20 minutes of time in front of the camera, an online gallery of 5-7 full resolution photos to download, print rights, and an 8x10 of your favorite photo from the session. Of course there will be the option to order more than 1 print :)

These sessions will be done in my home (Orange). Payment (cash, check, PayPal/credit) will be due at the time of your session. I'll send out an email with more details once you book :)

I look forward to seeing everyone!!!

Capturing Newborns- Fresh 48| Welcome, Lauryn!

I got to do another Fresh 48 session this week and I am in love! I have been photographing the Jacobs family for a couple of years now and I am beyond excited to help them welcome sweet Lauryn into the world. She is the perfect addition to this family full of boys (even the dog!!). 

The day Lauryn was born was warm and sunny. There was a great breeze, and it was a nice break from the heat we've had recently. Lauryn was born at almost 3 PM and I got to meet her just a few hours later. There was a lot of family already there, so I jumped into action pretty quickly. So quickly, in fact, that I completely forgot to take photos along the walk from the front door of the hospital to Lauryn and Ashley's room. Oops! Luckily, I took about a billion other photos, so I think we're ok. Ha!

Landon and Lawson burst into the room, each carrying a gift. One was a tiny set of pearls for Lauryn and the other was a charm for mommy. The boys were in awe of their baby sister and it was obvious they loved her right away. Landon gave her a million kisses and kept telling her how much he loved her. Lawson wanted to know what time she would wake up. They inspected her feet (the first picture they saw of her didn't show that she had any) and rubbed her hair. They stroked her face and gave lots of hugs. It was really precious. 

My time with the Jacobs family flew by. I got to photograph Lauryn with her big brothers, parents, some aunts and uncles, a couple of cousins, a close family friend, and all of her grandparents. The love in that little room was overwhelming and so beautiful. It was a pretty cool thing to capture. 

Welcome Earthside, sweet Lauryn. You are so very loved!! 

Capturing Couples| Kyle and Sarah's Rounton Farm Surprise Engagement

When I got the call to come capture a surprise proposal in my favorite place, I couldn't even stop the squeal that came out of me. Ellen and I spent some time that morning scoping out the best place for me to to hide and capture the proposal. Kyle was very specific that he wanted for the backdrop to be Elmwood Farm, which is a big part of Sarah's family history. How sweet is that?! So Ellen and I got to guess where the sun would be that evening and then planned my hideout spot from there. I ended up in the trees, a pretty long way off from where the couple would be standing. Lots of branches and thorns. It was all pretty comical. But I couldn't wait for that evening! Ellen and I left a big stick for Kyle to know where to stand, and headed back down the hill. 

That evening, I ate my dinner while propped up against a tree and tried to calm my nerves. I imagine that was nothing compared to the nerves Kyle had to be feeling at that same time. Ha! After having a family dinner, Kyle and Sarah went for a ride around the farm in the aptly named bumpy truck. From my hiding spot, I could hear Charlie singing at the top of his lungs and Sarah asking why in the world they were going back down the hill they had JUST driven up! Charlie parked the bumpy truck and Doug killed the engine (NOT part of the plan). Kyle and Sarah got out, Charlie started the engine, and the boys drove off laughing maniacally. Kyle and Sarah laughed and watched them drive away. Then they stood on the hill and surveyed the land around them. Y'all, I love the way this couple looks at each other. I was so worried that Sarah would see me but her eyes were constantly on Kyle. It was so sweet. After giving me a couple of minutes to stand up and get into position, Kyle turned Sarah the way that we planned ahead of time and pulled out the ring box. The proposal happened, she said "yes" (of course!), and Kyle pointed me out in the trees. After that, I got to spend some time just talking to them and letting them bask in their excitement. Charlie came back with the bumpy truck and dropped us off on top of another Rounton Farm hill with an amazing view. Ivy was there waiting with flowers, sparkling cider, and cupcakes for the newly engaged couple. After a little time to eat cupcakes, the rest of the family came to join in the celebration. Cupcakes all around!! 

This was such an amazing evening. I LOVE how easy this couple's rapport is. They were absolutely relaxed and happy in each other's company. I could tell they are going to be happy for a long time. Congratulations Kyle and Sarah! Here's to many, many years of happiness together <3

Mackenzie and Jen's Mother's Day Surprise

Wow. It has been a hot minute since I did a blog post, y'all. Yikes! This is the perfect post to jump back in with. I was excited about this shoot from the moment Mackenzie contacted me. Some of her family got together and decided to have photos taken as a Mother's Day gift for her grandmother. Such a thoughtful idea, right? 

On the evening of our shoot, the sun was golden and the weather was warm.  Rounton Farm provided us with the perfect backdrop for that beautiful day. Mackenzie, Chris, and Savannah were the first to arrive and they were gorgeous!! I really loved the colors that they chose to wear. 

(Left to Right) Chris, Savannah, and Mackenzie

When Jen, Travis, and their kids showed up I thought "Ah! Sisters! How fun!!" 

Travis and Jen with Addison and Jack

Y'all, hear me when I say this:   Mackenzie is Jen's DAUGHTER!!!! I can't even begin to convey how shocked I was when they told me that. I mean, look at them!

Not sisters!!! What?!

The kids were cooperative and everyone was so laid back. This was pretty much the perfect shoot and I am so excited to finally be able to share it with you. Mackenzie- thank you so much for contacting me! I am sure that this is a gift that your grandma will treasure for many years to come. 

Aaron and Becky are Married!!

Hey there! It's been a few months since I did a blog post and I can't think of a better reason to get back to it :) I had the privilege of spending the last day of 2016 shooting a wedding with the incomparable Elizabeth from Elizabeth Marie Photography. Elizabeth has such an eye for detail shots and she is really good at making clients feel comfortable in front of the camera. She has a similar photography style to mine, so she's pretty much the perfect second shooter. I'm not just saying that because she's my sister ;-)


Whatever it takes to get the perfect shot!

Whatever it takes to get the perfect shot!

To say the day Aaron and Becky got married was cold would be a gross understatement. The windchill was about 37 degrees and boy was it blowing! Becky and her girls were all in sleeveless dresses but they toughed out the cold to give us some gorgeous shots.

I have been so blessed that every wedding I've shot so far has been laid back and fun. Aaron and Becky were no exception. There was a lot of laughter and cutting up that day. This couple and their friends are so easygoing. It really made our job easy. 

Something I have always wanted to try is called a "First Look". That is when the bride and groom agree to see each other before the ceremony so the photographers can capture the moment without missing other vital aspects of the ceremony. Aaron and Becky were willing to try it and I am SO glad they did! The look on his face when he saw her is absolutely priceless. She was stunning! (On a side note- I love the creepers in the window of the church while Becky is walking out to see Aaron. Ha!)

All in all, this wedding was this photographer's dream- laid back, first look, posed photos before the ceremony, and a gorgeous couple. It was a great day!!

Aaron and Becky, thank you so much for allowing me and Liz to be a part of your awesome day. Here's to many years of happiness for you two!