Mackenzie and Jen's Mother's Day Surprise

Wow. It has been a hot minute since I did a blog post, y'all. Yikes! This is the perfect post to jump back in with. I was excited about this shoot from the moment Mackenzie contacted me. Some of her family got together and decided to have photos taken as a Mother's Day gift for her grandmother. Such a thoughtful idea, right? 

On the evening of our shoot, the sun was golden and the weather was warm.  Rounton Farm provided us with the perfect backdrop for that beautiful day. Mackenzie, Chris, and Savannah were the first to arrive and they were gorgeous!! I really loved the colors that they chose to wear. 

(Left to Right) Chris, Savannah, and Mackenzie

When Jen, Travis, and their kids showed up I thought "Ah! Sisters! How fun!!" 

Travis and Jen with Addison and Jack

Y'all, hear me when I say this:   Mackenzie is Jen's DAUGHTER!!!! I can't even begin to convey how shocked I was when they told me that. I mean, look at them!

Not sisters!!! What?!

The kids were cooperative and everyone was so laid back. This was pretty much the perfect shoot and I am so excited to finally be able to share it with you. Mackenzie- thank you so much for contacting me! I am sure that this is a gift that your grandma will treasure for many years to come.