Walker is Going to be a Big Brother!!!!

There is nothing in the world like having siblings. I have 6 of them (blended families) and it's one of my favorite things about growing up. There's always someone to climb trees with or talk to late at night. Or blame your messy room on. Lol. I'm 39 and still love to sit in the pantry and eat oreos with my baby sister :) It's like having a built in best friend! That's why pregnancy announcements with big siblings make me extra happy. 

I've been photographing this amazing family for a while and have really loved capturing some big moments for them. Cutone family, I adore you. I am so happy for all of you! 


Thank you so much to Liberty Mills Farm for allowing us the use of your beautiful property for this session. You guys are awesome!

To make things even better, Sara let me and her sister Mary Anne plan and execute her gender reveal! Sara and James miraculously managed to make it home from their ultrasound appointment with the envelope still sealed! We were pretty proud of them :) 

Y'all, Mary Anne is AMAZING! We spent hours on Pinterest looking for ideas and she made our vision come to life in less than 2 hours after we saw the ultrasound picture! So fantastic.

Side note- I am learning more and more that Pinterest is just a guideline and it's totally ok for your finished product to look different than what you pinned. It has taken me an embarrassingly long time to figure that one out. Lol. Thankfully, Mary Anne already had that figured out. So when I called to tell her there was no blue ice cream in our town, she came up with some awesome changes that still helped get our message across. I so envy her ability to do that in a pinch! 

I am really happy with our results, even though they are not exactly like what we pinned :) Mary Anne, you are the BEST!