Capturing Newborns-Fresh 48| Welcome Easton!

Welcome earthside, Easton James! I am so honored and excited that I got to meet this little man just hours after he was born. On the day he was born, I got to photograph Easton with his parents, his big brother Walker, a few grandparents, a couple of aunts, and some cousins :) He is a lucky little boy who is surrounded by people who love him so much already. 

The day Easton was born was warm and sunny, with a pretty powerful breeze. It was the first warm day we've had in a while and everyone seemed to be affected. There were smiling faces around every turn in the hospital. It was pretty awesome. Sara and Easton's room was no exception. I walked in and was greeted by Sara, her parents, and her sister Mary Anne (Meumm :) ). The joy in that room was almost overwhelming! After a few photos, everyone cleared out and Walker got to come meet his brand new baby brother! He came in carrying a present for Easton and was so excited to meet him. Walker got to hold his brother and immediately asked to see his hair. He seemed genuinely excited about Easton and ready to be a big brother. I can tell already that Walker and Easton are going to be the best of friends. 

Congratulations, Cutone family! I look forward to capturing more of your special moments over the years to come! <3