Capturing Couples| Kyle and Sarah's Rounton Farm Surprise Engagement

When I got the call to come capture a surprise proposal in my favorite place, I couldn't even stop the squeal that came out of me. Ellen and I spent some time that morning scoping out the best place for me to to hide and capture the proposal. Kyle was very specific that he wanted for the backdrop to be Elmwood Farm, which is a big part of Sarah's family history. How sweet is that?! So Ellen and I got to guess where the sun would be that evening and then planned my hideout spot from there. I ended up in the trees, a pretty long way off from where the couple would be standing. Lots of branches and thorns. It was all pretty comical. But I couldn't wait for that evening! Ellen and I left a big stick for Kyle to know where to stand, and headed back down the hill. 

That evening, I ate my dinner while propped up against a tree and tried to calm my nerves. I imagine that was nothing compared to the nerves Kyle had to be feeling at that same time. Ha! After having a family dinner, Kyle and Sarah went for a ride around the farm in the aptly named bumpy truck. From my hiding spot, I could hear Charlie singing at the top of his lungs and Sarah asking why in the world they were going back down the hill they had JUST driven up! Charlie parked the bumpy truck and Doug killed the engine (NOT part of the plan). Kyle and Sarah got out, Charlie started the engine, and the boys drove off laughing maniacally. Kyle and Sarah laughed and watched them drive away. Then they stood on the hill and surveyed the land around them. Y'all, I love the way this couple looks at each other. I was so worried that Sarah would see me but her eyes were constantly on Kyle. It was so sweet. After giving me a couple of minutes to stand up and get into position, Kyle turned Sarah the way that we planned ahead of time and pulled out the ring box. The proposal happened, she said "yes" (of course!), and Kyle pointed me out in the trees. After that, I got to spend some time just talking to them and letting them bask in their excitement. Charlie came back with the bumpy truck and dropped us off on top of another Rounton Farm hill with an amazing view. Ivy was there waiting with flowers, sparkling cider, and cupcakes for the newly engaged couple. After a little time to eat cupcakes, the rest of the family came to join in the celebration. Cupcakes all around!! 

This was such an amazing evening. I LOVE how easy this couple's rapport is. They were absolutely relaxed and happy in each other's company. I could tell they are going to be happy for a long time. Congratulations Kyle and Sarah! Here's to many, many years of happiness together <3