My Jacob is 18!!!

Nope. It is not true. I simply cannot believe that I am now officially the parent of an adult! Yikes! In honor of Jacob's 18th birthday, I decided to do a blog post with 18 awesome things about Jacob.My favorite part is that some of these are things that Grace sees in him.  Enjoy :)

Eighteen Awesome Things About Jacob

He plays songs on his guitar to help Grace go to sleep.

He introduced Star Wars and Harry Potter to Grace and likes to watch movies with her.

He gives great hugs.

He is a pretty awesome big brother. He plays basketball with Adam, tickles Morgan, and then hangs out in his room with Grace.

I really love his laugh. He is a pretty serious guy but when he laughs, he really gives it everything he's got. 

He inherited his mama's dislike for social injustice. He knows that people just want to be loved. We don't have to agree to be kind. 

He shows us every day that he tries to treat people the way he wants to be treated. 

He calls his dad every night. Without being reminded. Because his dad is his friend and he is genuinely excited to talk to him. 

Grace loves the way he takes care of her. 

He has always been very helpful around the house. Like above and beyond helpful because he knows we need it. 

His first word/phrase was "thank you". I think that says a lot about him. 

He subscribes to the theory "I love Jesus but I cuss a little". He may have inherited that from his mama too. Ha! 

He is smart. Scary smart. And he is constantly on a quest to learn new things. 

He has taught himself to play piano, guitar, and the cajon. Or, as we like to call it, the slappy box. He's pretty talented. 

I can count on two hands the number of times he has been sick in 18 years. 

He has not had anything to drink besides water and milk in more than 6 years. 

He is hilarious. I absolutely love his crazy sense of humor. 

Every day, he makes me so proud to be his mom.