Curious Landon is One!

Meet Landon. He turned one this week and he seems really excited about that. We met Landon and his mom for this shoot on a beautiful evening (the first one in a week!).The sun was shining and the wind was blowing gently. Just perfect weather! Landon's mom was super prepared- she brought us balloons, stuffed animals, a book, and a great #1 that she made for his party. Landon absolutely loved the balloons! He had such a great time and was an excellent listener. 

The theme for Landon's birthday party was Curious George, so we tried to stick with that theme for our shoot. We were especially excited about the cake smash. We ordered a round cake with all white icing and red/yellow confetti sprinkles. What we ended up with was more of the rectangular persuasion with red and yellow icing piped all over it. 

Not even close, right? So we phoned a friend who came and did some major cake surgery. Oh man, thank God for friends who are willing to drop everything and help you. We are pleased with the result and I think Landon liked it too! 

Landon had only had cake one other time (the day before) so he wasn't as messy as we expected but he still had a great time. What a fun shoot! Happy birthday, sweet boy.