Ian- OCHS Class of 2016

Meet Ian. He is a Senior at Orange County High School with a pretty bright future. Ian was one of the captains of his track and cross country teams this year and will graduate with twelve letters because of his running career. Yes, you read that right. Twelve letters! That means he lettered in a sport every season that he was in high school. Pretty cool, right? Ian is planning to follow a family tradition and attend Hampden-Sydney in the Fall. Yesterday, he signed with them to run on their cross country team. That is extra cool because he will be running with his brother Cecil. As a person who has seen those two compete, I can tell you that I am super excited to see them run this year! 

In addition to graduating with twelve letters, Ian will also be graduating with Honors. He ran for three seasons a school year, volunteered his time at the local animal shelter, and participated in the Boys State program, among many other things. To do all of that and still graduate with Honors is kind of a big deal. My favorite thing that Ian has done is his participation in NASA's Virginia Aerospace Science and Technology Scholars program. NASA, folks. 

The day of this shoot, the light was fading fast! We spent a lot of time just chasing places that weren't in the shadows. Ian was a good sport and did most everything we asked of him. God rewarded us with a pretty amazing sunset over the mountains. We live in a pretty gorgeous place!

In case you can't tell, Ian holds a pretty big spot in my heart. I am so proud of him and can't wait to see what his future holds!