David and Lisa are Married!

Oh man. This wedding was SO. MUCH. FUN. David and Lisa are pretty laid back so that is not too much of a surprise. We went to their house before the wedding to get some shots and they were all just hanging out having cocktails. There was no panic about make-up or flowers or ties. It was awesome. In fact, it was so laid back that the bride and groom worked the crowd together before the wedding started. David high fived a friend and Lisa stopped to take photos with people. There was music and cocktails and lots of laughter. 

When the wedding began, the sun was high. It was right behind the couple and made the lighting a little tricky for shooting. Even though it was a challenge, we had a great time. The couple was just beautiful and you could tell from the faces in the crowd that they are loved dearly. When the ceremony and family photos were over, there was food and dancing. Oh the food! There was so much food. All of the food came from friends of David and Lisa. The feature was an amazing BBQ table with all the fixins. So great! There was also a cake table, which I will show you a little later in this post. Once the cake was cut, the couple changed clothes and the real fun began. People danced and laughed all night long. As you can see, this was a 60's themed wedding, and the vibe was matched by the bright, fun clothing. We saw tie dye, rasta wigs, go go boots, flowers, and sequins, This group was so much fun!

As a final note, I would like to add that this was Megan's first time shooting a wedding. She was a natural and she totally rocked it!

David and Lisa, thank you so much for letting us be a part of your perfect day!

I jokingly told my husband that I was going to do a separate post about the cake table. I won't do that but they definitely deserved a post of their own. Again, these cakes were made by friends of the couple. What an amazing gift! Here are some of our favorites.

By the way, the 12 layer chocolate cake was the actual wedding cake. Amazing!!