The Miller Family

Meet the Miller family. They are well-loved here in Orange and I am so honored to have been asked to photograph them. The forecast was pretty wet on the day we chose for their shoot. Some might let that derail their plans, but not us! I was so excited to shoot in the rain. The family showed up with their rain gear and great attitudes. 

The twins had a blast running around and imagining mazes to race in. They laughed a lot and listened so well. We ended the shoot with a couple of jumps in puddles. 

Elliot spent most of the time soaking in his surroundings, being that this was his first time in the rain. He was very attentive and absolutely adorable. We did mange to get a few smiles out of him when he played with his daddy. 

Miller family, thank you so much for allowing us to capture this sweet time in your lives!